Ready for the most powerful process to implement strategies?

We believe that most companies don’t leverage the full potential of their strategic decisions. Together we can change that.
STRATACT is the most effective process to implement strategies.

Your 4 steps for greater return

Together we …

  1. … identify the Game Winning Part of your company.
  2. … find your potentials.
  3. … develop tactics to live your strategy and identity.
  4. … enable all your employees to contribute and leverage your potentials.

Everyone in your company starts to act.

Every Employee acts?!

STRATACT is based on one belief: everyone can act and contribute to success. Conscious action is the only catalyst for real change and drives excellence.

Together we start a movement in your organization: every employee is invited to set a personal goal in one of your company’s fields of potential and to use your company’s strategy. With STRATACT you move on: from decisions and good will to elicit contributions from every employee.

With the STRATACT online platform we make visible the current actions off your employees.

The next big thing in management

Modern management is based on the wrong principles. It is based on an ex post view. Every company excels in setting goals and controlling them, but that just means, that you are always one step behind and you do not know HOW your company is actually working on your goals.

STRATACT changes that. We empower your employees to share their actual contributions. They share with pride WHAT they have done and HOW they have done it.

That gives you the power to see the movement in action and ensures that your strategic decisions are actually implemented.

6000+ Employees

Thousands of our customers’ employees have already joined their companies’ movements to make a real difference when it comes to strategy. You and your organization could be the next member of the STRATACT movement. Act now.

STRATACT is part of keylens

KEYLENS is a platform of management consultants who want to enable companies to leverage their full potential. STRATACT is proud to be a part of KEYLENS.

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